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Online Bill Pay is a service that is integrated into our SCU On WEB (Internet Banking Service). The cost of this service is free to members who qualify. To qualify you must use our E-Statement (Electronic Statement instead of paper statements), also you must have at least $400.00 Direct Deposit/Payroll Deduction per month (normally $200.00 per pay period). To use our Online Bill Pay service please login and click on services then Bill Pay or enroll in our SCU On Web service and you will receive a temporary login password so that you can setup your SCU On Web service then sign up for our Bill Pay service from within the SCU On WEB.

If you already use our SCU on WEB service please click on "login": Login

If you do not currently use our SCU on WEB service please click on "enroll" to start: Enroll
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 Monday - Friday
 Lobby: 8am - 3pm
 Drive Thru: 7:30am - 5pm
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 Phone: 304-558-0566
 CU24: 1-800-508-9672
 Bill Payment: 1-844-596-1314

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